The Big Picture 2013

Here's the overall view of our summer/fall 2013 trip. Below are postings that have more details for each section. Additional info will be added as time passes.


  • Abilene State Park, TX
  • Oasis State Park, NM
  • Villanueva State Park, NM
  • Coyote Creek State Park, MM
  • Dumont Lake Campground, CO
  • Lodgepole Campground, UT
  • Canyon Rim Campground, UT
  • Granite Creek Campground, WY
  • Bakers Hole Campground, MT
  • Rambo Creek Campground, MT
  • Big Creek Campground, WY
  • Riley Creek Campground, ID
  • Bonaparte Lake Campground, WA
  • Klipchuck Campground, WA
  • North Cascade National Park - Newhalem Creek Campground, WA
  • Fort Townsend Campground, WA
  • Olympic National Park - Heart of the Hills Campground, WA
  • Olympic National Park - Mora Campground, WA
  • Olympic National Park - Kalaloch Campground, WA
  • Nehalem Bay State Park, OR
  • Tumalo State Park, OR
  • La Pine State Park, OR

When the government shutdown in October, we were in Bend, Oregon. Because of the shutdown, most of the types of campgrounds we like to camp in are closed. So we decided to head back to Austin as quickly as possible, which made for some longer travel days than we liked.

Taking the most direct route, we had stopovers at:

  • Three Island State Park near Glenns Ferry, ID
  • Jordanelle State Park near Park City, UT
  • K&A Chuckwagon in Monticello, UT
  • Santa Rosa State Park, NM
  • San Angelo State Park, TX

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