Fort Townsend Campground, WA

Top Photo: Our campsite at the State Park. Looks spacious—not so.

Found a site for the night. We were a bit frazzled after the ferry experience: they wedged us in between a nasty overhang & an 18 wheeler. It took some doing to get off. Onward tomorrow.

After we got settled in at our campsite, we went looking for a brewski. Luck had it, and we found Port Townsend Brewing—good beer & lots of locals.

Fort Townsend Campground, WA - September 9 - 10. State Park campground with water nearby and dump station. Elevation 170 ft. 40 total sites.

Ferry Ride - They barely squeezed us on.

Fort Townsend Campground is a popular camping destination located in Fort Townsend State Park, on the northeastern tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. The campground is situated in a beautiful forested setting, with easy access to several hiking trails and scenic overlooks.

Campsite Features

  • 30 spacious and well-maintained campsites
  • Both tent and RV camping available
  • Picnic tables and fire rings available for use
  • Flush toilets and hot showers provided
  • Dump station available for RVs

Outdoor Activities
In addition to camping, visitors to Fort Townsend State Park can enjoy several outdoor recreational opportunities, including:

  • Hiking: Explore the park's various hiking trails, such as the Fort Townsend Loop Trail, offering breathtaking views of the waterways and mountains.
  • Fishing: Cast your line into the nearby waters and try your luck at catching fish.
  • Boating: Bring your own boat or rent one locally to experience the beauty of the surrounding waterways.

Historical Significance
Fort Townsend State Park also holds historical significance, with several structures and a museum on-site:

  • Historic Structures: Discover the park's past through its well-preserved historic buildings.
  • Fort Townsend State Park Historical Museum: Step inside a former barracks building turned museum to learn about both the fort's history and the natural history of the area.

Exploring Port Townsend
The surrounding area of Fort Townsend State Park is known for its stunning natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. Visitors can explore nearby Port Townsend, a charming seaside town with a rich maritime history. The town features several historic buildings and a vibrant arts and culture scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and music venues.

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