We love maps!

On this page are our location maps. The top map is a Spot map that show our current location and on our travel day it displays live tracking. The middle map is an archive of campgrounds, RV Parks, and other miscellaneous stops that have we visited. And the bottom map displays locations of Breweries & Brewpub we visited since we began our RVing adventurers.

Spot Gen3 Map

We got our Spot Gen3 to use as a safety device as we wander. Sometimes we get off the beaten path, and no one would have a clue as to where we may be exploring. So for us it's a safety net of sorts. On our travel days, this map will display live tracking of our location as we travel.

The Spot map displays our last recorded locations (50 max) via our Spot Gen3. If we haven't traveled in the last seven days, only our current location will show up on the map.

Google Map

This interactive Google map displays almost every location we camped since the beginning of our RVing days. We started out as vacationers (Nov. 2009), quickly morphing into half-timers (on the road at least six months a year), then full-timers and now back in the part-time mode.

What happened to the full-timer clock? Not working? Well, we tuned it off once we moved out of the coach as full-timers. Here is the final reading:

In the upper left-hand corner of the map is a "side out" menu with optional check-boxes to display a particular year. By default, only the current year is selected. To see previous years use the slide out menu, scroll down, and check the boxes for years you would like to view. All icons on the map are clickable (map legend is not clickable).

Breweries & Brewpubs We've Visited

Fast forward to today, and it appears that breweries & brewpubs are everywhere. We’re are a tad behind logging our visits, but still look forward to finding real breweries/brewpubs (as opposed those extract breweries that don’t really mash).