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On March 26, our Escape was loaded on a flatbed 18 wheeler in Chilliwack, British Columbia, for delivery the following week in Eugene.

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March 26th

Photos of our Escape loaded on the flatbed trailer, along with another Escape that was scheduled to be delivered in Corona, CA.

March 30th

Our Escape arrived at A+ Towing in Eugene. We were scheduled for a 4 pm pickup, but we received a text from the dispatcher in BC notifying us that the driver was ahead of schedule and he would be in Eugene between noon & 1 pm. This meant that we had to leave much earlier than planned for the 3-hour drive over the Cascades. We arrived just little past noon, and our Escape was waiting. But this early arrival turned out to be a "hurry up & wait" situation as the towing company didn't have a truck scheduled that early.

We pulled into the parking lot at A+ Towing, and our Escape was waiting. The flatbed driver handed us the keys to the trailer and said we could crawl up the flatbed to take a peek inside. This was the first time we saw it finished. The driver is disconnecting chains and straps, preparing for the unloading. The tow truck is backed up to the flatbed and wenching the Escape onto the tow truck. Next, the tow truck pulled away from the flatbed and tilted its bed, slowly letting the Escape slide off. When the legs of the trailer hit the pavement, the skids slipped out. It was hard to watch. Close up of the landing gear leg as it hit the pavement Ouch! Next, another tow truck lifts the Escape's front by its pin box and easing the trailer off.

November 2009, we picked up our first RV — a 17 foot Casita Spirit Deluxe. Now 11 plus years later, we just picked up our Escape 5.0TA. Our fourth RV, same clothes. We have priorities.

Now that our Escape 5.0 has been delivered, here are a few links leading up to this point & couple of mods that followed: Changes on the HorizonTruck ModsLitter Box Compartment ModNew Sink Mod

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