New Sink Mod — 2022

Top Photo: Completed project with new sink & drainer on top.

Diana was understandably unhappy with the stock sink that came with our Escape 5.0. It was too small, too shallow, and allowed water to splash everywhere. Rob't saw several posts on FB's Escape Trailer page where folks had replaced their sink. After a bit of research, we ordered a Valisy 15 x 20-inch sink from Amazon—this is the same sink that a few others had used.

For the most part, the installation was pretty straightforward. A larger hole needed to be cut in the counter, sink mounted, and plumbing reconnected. But there were a few challenges with the installation. First, the template the manufacturer supplied was totally useless, which meant that the cut hole required some adjustments. Second, the clamps provided needed to be modified to make them functional, and this took some experimentation before they would secure the sink properly. The clamps that came with the original sink were much more sturdy, but unfortunately would not work with the new sink. Last, since this was a larger sink, the working space under the counter was restricted, which made some work a tad difficult for someone with larger hands.

Now that the project is completed, we are delighted with the results. All that is left is to plan a trip, so it can be tested on the road!

The original that came with our Escape. The new sink unboxed. Size comparison — Old sink sitting inside new one. Cutting of the counter top has begun. Finished with the rough cut opening. Tabs also cut for the clamps & new hole for the faucet. Original clamp on the left & the one with the new sink on the right. New sink installed with the dish drainer rolled up.

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