Mod - Litter Box Compartment

Rob't finished work on Mooch’s litter box area in our new trailer. The second step to our sleeping loft is hinged with access to ample space, which we decided was perfect for a litter box. He added a cat door so that Mooch can get into this area, and he also cut an opening in the wall to the lower cabinet next to the trailer’s door. In this cabinet, we had Escape add a small exterior hatch, which plays nicely into our plans.

Cat door with access to under the steps. The hinged step open showing the available area. Inside the cabinet looking at the opening cut to the area inder the step. Under the step looking towards the opening cut into the cabinet near the door. Also visble the right is t inside of the cat door. View into the lower cabinet. Opening to area under the step on the left. Access hatch on the right. Outside lookinf in. This is the extra hatch door we had ETI add.

Tap on thumbnail photos for a larger views & captions.

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