Our Escape Production Photos

It's starting to get real. We were quite excited to receive our first set of construction photos from Escape Travel Trailers.

When we receive additional production photos of our trailer from Escape, we'll post them here. Nearer our delivery/pick up date, we should receive final pictures and videos, which we also share.

Production Photo Gallery

February 19th

 On the passenger side, we paid extra to have the little opening next to the red level added. Somehow, we plan to incorporate an outside catio for Mooch. Also the rail to which the 12’ Power Awning will mount is in place. Look closely on the driver's side to catch a glimpse of one of the two solar panels on the roof. It's a tandem axle, so there will be four wheels when finished. From the interior looking back, the dinette will be located at the far end. The floor covering that we picked is already installed — Colorado Canyon. And, from the dinette area looking forward, the bed area is at the other end. Somewhere at that end, Mooch's litter box will fit in. We still have a lot of figuring out on this one.

February 22nd

With the red rotary lift in place near the real axles & the yellow lift on the front pinbox, they are raising the trailer to do the necessary work on the underside. Appears the rodary lift will lift the trailer so they can on the underside. The framing for the cabinets, refrigerator, & bathroom has started. The cabinet near door is started & the framing for the steps is in it's early phase.

February 23rd

No noticeable changes other than that the rotary lift is gone. No noticeable changes other than that the rotary lift is gone. On the right side of the photo, it appears that the wet bath is installed. Steps to sleeping area are framed in. It appears that the installation of the kitchen drawers is about to start.

February 24th

Windows are now installed, as well as the door on the front side hatch, & the doors on the front propane hatch & storage hatch. Also the outside shower is installed –  it's hatch cover is visible just past the main door looking towards the rear. The refrigerator, flush mount oven, & eletrcal control box (near the floor, all the way back) are installed. The protective cardboad has been removed from the floor covering all the way back. Looking carefully at the cabinet near the refrigerator, part of the heater is barely visible. The oven is in the foreground on the right. The refrigerator, flush mount stovetop & formica counter top all still have the protective covering in place. The ceiling Maxx Fan has been added – it's visible betweent the two ceiling lights.

Febraury 25th

The light over the front hatches is on, indicating that it's installed & working. The stove vent is now installed. The carpet on the steps has been added.

February 26th

There doesn't appear to be any noticeable changes. The cabinet doors and hardware, plus the microwave are now installed. The front panel has been put on the furance. The hole in the ceiling is where the air conditioner will be placed. The door is now on the wet bath (on the left just before the steps)

Tap on thumbnail photos for a larger views & captions.

We still should receive a set of final pictures, including short videos of any custom choices.

"This video is designed to give you an overview of the manufacturing process of the Escape travel trailer."

Additional Info: Escape Trailers is a Canadian company that produces high-quality, fiberglass travel trailers. The company was founded in 2003 and is located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Escape Trailers offers a range of travel trailer models, including the Escape 17, Escape 19, Escape 21, and Escape 5.0TA. The trailers are known for their durable construction and attention to detail, with each trailer handcrafted to order.

The Escape trailers feature a lightweight fiberglass shell, which provides excellent insulation and durability. The trailers also include a variety of features designed to make camping more comfortable, such as a full kitchen with a stove, sink, and refrigerator, a dinette area, and a private bathroom.

Escape Trailers are designed to be versatile and are suitable for a variety of uses, including camping, road tripping, and living full-time. The trailers are also designed to be towed by a range of vehicles, including SUVs and trucks.

In addition to the quality of the trailers themselves, Escape Trailers is known for their excellent customer service. The company offers a range of customization options, allowing customers to create a trailer that fits their specific needs and preferences. The company also offers a comprehensive warranty and provides ongoing support to customers after their purchase.

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