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Top Photo: Diana playing on stage at the Les Schwab Amphitheater.

It looks like this will be home until at least September 11th, if not longer.

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⚠️ Update 2024 —
This area has changed since our original post in September 2014, particularly the section nearest Bend. Unfortunately, the homeless in old, dilapidated RVs now have illegal encampments in the China Hat Road area. Lots of trash, and possibly a more significant risk of crime. We don't recommend dispersed camping here, and beware of your surroundings when hiking. It's a shame how they are trashing an area that was once quite scenic.

Early Thursday afternoon on September 5, 2014, we decided to hop into the car and do a little auto touring to see what we could find. We planned to take China Hat Road, from Bend, into Deschutes National Forest's eastern side.

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