Patagonia Lake State Park, Arizona (2015)

We love short drive days – Just 88 miles! Found ourselves back at Patagonia Lake State Park, a place we enjoyed last spring.


Patagonia Lake State Park: Site #18, this site has water & electric, dump station nearby, 72 sites, 3750 ft elevation. Jan. 29th - Feb 5th.

Overall Experience: smile

Patagonia Lake is formed from the Sonoita Creek, and the area is a traditional zone between the Sonoran Desert & the Chihuahuan Desert. It is unique, with seven distinct vegetative zones in a relatively small area. Maybe this time, we will get to see the elusive Elegant Trogon.

One Yer Anniversary Celebrating our first anniversary of full-timing.

 The local watering hole with the only public TV for Super Bowl Sunday & the local grocery store.

rock gem show Visting with our friend, Jeanne, at the Tucson Rock & Gem Show.


Patagonia Lake State Park in southern Arizona is a hidden gem that offers a picturesque escape from the desert landscape. This 265-acre man-made lake is surrounded by towering mountains and lush vegetation, creating a serene oasis in the region.

The park has a wide range of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy:

  • Fishing: The 2.5-mile-long lake is a popular destination for fishing, with a variety of species such as bass, crappie, and catfish.
  • Boating: Visitors can rent boats, kayaks, and paddleboards to explore the tranquil waters.
  • Hiking: For those seeking a more terrestrial adventure, the park offers several hiking trails that wind through the surrounding hills and canyons.

One of the most scenic trails is the Creek Trail, which follows a picturesque creek and provides opportunities for wildlife viewing and birdwatching.

Exploring Patagonia

The nearby town of Patagonia, just 11.5 miles southwest of the park, adds to the charm of the area. Once a thriving mining town, Patagonia has since transformed into a quaint, artsy community with a rich cultural heritage.

Here are some things you can do in Patagonia:

  • Historic district: Take a leisurely stroll through the town's historic district and admire the well-preserved buildings.
  • Art galleries and shops: Browse the local art galleries and shops to discover unique crafts and artwork.
  • Dining: Enjoy a meal at one of the charming restaurants in town.

Patagonia also serves as a gateway to other nearby attractions, such as the Cochise Stronghold and the Amerind Foundation, which offer insights into the region's Native American history.

Whether you're seeking a peaceful day on the water, a scenic hike, or a glimpse into the region's history and culture, this area has something to offer for everyone.

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