Biosphere 2, Oracle, AZ

When we returned to Tucson, we decided to visit Biosphere 2, which is about 30 miles north of town. Biosphere 2 is now a research facility owned by the University of Arizona, and they offer tours daily. We found that the tour was quite interesting and we enjoyed it despite the large size of our tour group -- about 40 people. Our guide was comprehensive in explaining the history of Biosphere 2 and some of the current experiments now taking place. We both feel that visiting Biosphere 2 was well worth the drive.

Photos starting in up left, going clockwise: library tower during human closure, the ocean with coral reef biome, below-ground infrastructure, tunnel to south lung, a sign at the tunnel entrance, rainforest biome, cactus in the desert biome, and front view of Biosphere 2.

Learn more about Biosphere 2 at Wikipedia.

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