Jeld-Wen Family Stay Park, Oregon

Top Photo: Stalker on his favorite spot on the dash, wondering what happened to Diana.

"A wonderful option for those who live in an RV while a family member is at St. Charles Medical Center."


St Charles Hospital offers eleven campsites for family members of patients at no charge.

Jeld-Wen Family Stay Park: Site #9, this site has full hookups, 11 sites total. August 10th - August 15th.
Overall Experience: smile

Detour in Bend Since we began our journey at the beginning of February, our travels have been quite exciting, and then we hit a bump in the road. Diana was having issues, so when we got to Bend, Oregon, we decided to get it checked out. In a nutshell, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. This past Monday, they removed the tumor, and late Thursday, she was released from the hospital. Friday, we received wonderful news; we received the pathology report, and it was good. The tumor was indeed cancerous, but it hadn’t spread to other organs or the lymph nodes. We are now very optimistic about her future. We plan to stay in Bend for her recovery and looking forward to the day our travels will resume.

room with a view From her fifth-floor room, Diana could look out her window and see our coach parked below.

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