Bend Brews

Pics in collage (clockwise): Deschutes Brewery & Public House, Sisters Fresh Hop Fest, Rat Hole Brewing, Crux Fermentation Project, Silver Moon Brewing.

With 18 brewers and brewpubs in Bend, you never have to go far to find a good brew.

You gotta love Bend. A growler fill station at the gas station. One-stop shopping -- you get to fill both tanks.

Crux Fermentation Project 50 SW Division Street, Bend, OR
Deschutes Brewery & Public House 1044 NW Bond Street, Bend, OR
Rat Hole Brewing [brewpub closed] 384 SW Upper Terrace Dr Ste 108, Bend, OR
Silver Moon Brewing 24 NW Greenwood Ave, Bend, OR
The Growler Guys Bend, OR

Bend, Oregon is famous for its thriving craft beer scene, with more than 20 breweries in the area. This Central Oregon city is known for having some of the best craft beer in the country because of its abundance of high-quality water, a key ingredient in brewing.

Deschutes Brewery: A Bend Icon
One of the cornerstones of the Bend beer scene is Deschutes Brewery, which has been making award-winning craft beer since 1988. With two locations in Bend, Deschutes has become a staple in the community and a flagship representative of the Oregon craft beer industry. Some of their most popular brews include:

  • Black Butte Porter
  • Mirror Pond Pale Ale
  • Fresh Squeezed IPA

Boneyard Beer: Innovation in Every Sip
Another must-visit brewery in Bend is Boneyard Beer. Established in 2010, this brewery has gained national recognition for its creative brews and dedication to using top-notch ingredients. Boneyard Beer operates a taproom in Bend and has grown to become one of the most respected breweries in the country. Their flagship beer, RPM IPA, has won numerous awards and is beloved by both locals and visitors.

Crux Fermentation Project: Where Beer Meets Adventure
For those seeking an extraordinary experience, Crux Fermentation Project is a destination you can't miss. Housed in a former AAMCO transmission shop, this brewery boasts a unique and inviting atmosphere that appeals to beer enthusiasts of all levels. Their menu showcases a rotating selection of innovative beers, including seasonal and limited-edition brews that perfectly complement any meal.

More Breweries to Explore
Here are some other noteworthy breweries worth checking out in the Bend area:

With such a wide range of excellent choices available, it's no wonder why Bend has become a haven for craft beer enthusiasts.

Celebrating Craft Beer in Bend
Aside from the breweries themselves, Bend also plays host to several craft beer festivals throughout the year, including the Bend Brewfest. This annual event, which traditionally took place every August (date may change in the future), showcases over 200 craft beers from breweries all around. It's an incredible opportunity to sample a diverse array of flavors and styles while enjoying live music.

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