Stopover at Guadalupe Mountain National Park

This road trip starts with a visit to Guadalupe Mountain National Park, a place we enjoy and have visited repeatedly. This park's tent camping section has nice walk-in sites that fit in well with high desert camping. The RV sites are another story. They are nothing more than a paved parking lot striped for RVs with water nearby and no dump station. Despite that, we still enjoy RVing there. The lot is tucked in with mountains on three sides, which makes for a beautiful setting. From where we parked our Ever-Lite travel trailer, near the south edge of the lot, we could enjoy spectacular sunrises along with incredible views of the stars in an extremely dark sky -- much darker than we ever get back home in Austin.

On this visit, we hooked up with the Tejas Trails trail running group to train on the park's rugged trail system. Diana got a couple of days of excellent workouts with the Tejas folks, including some uncommonly good runs up and down various mountain trails.

At the moment, Rob't isn't running. Still, he could get in a few enjoyable solo hikes and was able to tag behind the group when they went up the approximately 3,400-foot ascent to Guadalupe peak (the highest point in Texas), Trail Running, hiking, and playing with our friends from Austin was a lot of fun. It was sad to see everyone leave for home on Sunday, but our trip was just beginning as they went home. More from the road...

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