Mecca Grand Malts, Oregon

Top photo — The scenic view we enjoyed of Mt. Jefferson from our overnight spot at Mecca Grade Malt.

We might be a tad rusty doing this, but here goes; we just checked into Mecca Grade Estate Malt — a Harvest Hosts stop.

Overnight Parking - Mecca Grade Malts, near Madras,OR: Participating member, no facilities provided, must have a self-contained RV & an active Harvest Hosts membership for an overnight visit. April 17th - 18th. 3,487’ elevation. Miles traveled: 52.
• Hosts very friendly & hospitable.
• Lost of open space with views or the Cascade Range, partially Mt. Jefferson.
• None.

Overall Experience: Smile

"Nothing Runs Like a Deere" and it also makes a great tow vehicle.

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Mecca Grade Estate Malt is a specialty malt company located in Central Oregon. It is known for producing high-quality artisanal malts using a unique farm-to-glass approach. Mecca Grade is dedicated to reviving and promoting the tradition of floor malting, which is a labor-intensive and time-honored method of malting grains.

A Farm Rooted in Tradition The company is situated on a 1,000-acre family-owned farm in the heart of the Central Oregon high desert. The location provides a distinct terroir and allows Mecca Grade to grow their own barley varieties. They carefully cultivate their malting grains using sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices, focusing on soil health, water conservation, and biodiversity.

Crafting Malt with Care What sets Mecca Grade apart is their floor malting process. Instead of using industrial malting drums, they spread the barley grains on the malting floor, allowing them to germinate and grow under precise temperature and humidity conditions. This hands-on method ensures better control over the malting process and imparts unique flavors and characteristics to the malt.

A Wide Selection of Exceptional Malts Mecca Grade offers a range of malt varieties, including base malts, specialty malts, and roasted malts, which are used by craft breweries and distilleries to create distinct flavors in their beers and spirits. Their malts are known for their depth of flavor, rich aromas, and excellent enzymatic properties.

A Place to Experience Mecca Grade In addition to their malting operations, Mecca Grade also operates a tasting room and farm store, where visitors can sample their malt-based products, learn about the malting process, and purchase their malts and other related merchandise.

Recognized Excellence The dedication of Mecca Grade to producing exceptional malts has earned them recognition within the craft brewing industry. They have collaborated with numerous breweries and have won several awards for their products.

Mecca Grade Malt is a prime example of a sustainable and artisanal approach to malting, showcasing the unique flavors and qualities that can be achieved through traditional methods.

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