Farewell Toast to Steve Anderson

Marfa Light Imperial Stout courtesy of Steve and Big Bend Brewing Company

Here's a toast to Steve Anderson, an amazing craft brewer, a friend, and a generous soul. He passed away at his home in Alpine, TX, on November 25th, 2015.

Read about Steve on Big Bend Brewing's Blog. & an Austin Chronicle Article Remembering Steve Anderson: Craft brewing pioneer.

Steve Anderson was a pioneering figure in the Texas craft beer industry. He played a crucial role in shaping the state's burgeoning beer scene for over two decades.

Early Beginnings
Anderson started his journey in the early 1990s at Waterloo Brewing Company, Texas's first brewpub. He worked alongside founder Billy Forrester, learning the ropes of the brewing world.

Leading the Way at Live Oak Brewing Company
After Waterloo closed its doors, Anderson joined Live Oak Brewing Company in Austin as the head brewer. This was another opportunity for him to work closely with a brewery founder, Chip McElroy.

During his time at Live Oak, Anderson played a key role in establishing the brewery as a top producer of traditional German-style beers. His expertise in creating well-balanced and flavorful brews made him stand out in the industry.

A New Chapter: Big Bend Brewing Company
In 2013, Anderson embarked on a new adventure as the founding brewmaster of Big Bend Brewing Company in Alpine, Texas. This region is known for its hot climate, so Anderson focused on crafting beers that would be refreshing in that environment. One notable creation was a light-bodied golden ale that quickly became a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

A Legacy Remembered
Tragically, Anderson lost his battle with cancer in 2015 at the age of 53. However, his impact on the Texas craft beer scene continues to be felt today.

"If you've enjoyed a craft beer in Texas during the past 22 years, Steve Anderson would be one of the first guys you'd want to thank," wrote one local publication.

Anderson's contributions were instrumental in establishing Texas as a premier craft beer destination. His dedication to quality and innovation inspired countless breweries and beer enthusiasts throughout his career.

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