Eel River Brewing Taproom & Grill, California

We found a Harvest Hosts member that was actually a brewpub, and we tucked our coach in nicely on the large lot behind the pub. Good beers and dinner, just a short walk away.

postcard It's interesting to note that this was the first certified organic brewery in the United States.

Overnight Parking - Eel River Brewing Taproom & Grill, Fortuna, CA: Participating member, no facilities provided, must have self-contained RV & have an active Harvest Hosts membership for an overnight visit. 105’ elevation. November 24th - 25th. Miles traveled: 42.

• Brewpub was walking distance to our coach.
• Decent pub grub.
• At closing time there were folks with perhaps too much to drink, whizzing around their gravel parking lot. We were hoping they wouldn't hit the coach. Scary.

Overall Experience: neutral

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