Christmas 2015

Our chili pepper lights continue their Christmas tradition while we're at Jojoba Hills in Southern California. We're hoping everyone has a wonderful day with family & friends!

Great way to start the morning: A tamale with red & green sauce – gotta have the Christmas colors.

Our neighbors gave us this pretty Poinsettia. It gives us a festive feeling.

Robt's dad & his wife gave us a gift certificate to Amazon this year – our coach really scored with this one. New wiper covers, wheel covers & vent covers made our coach happy!

After spending close to a month on the rainy Oregon coast this fall trying to find a wiper blade replacement, we now put a priory on protecting them.

Set of four covers with a nice storage container.

Back cover installed – front cover next.

It was a wonderful Christmas day this year – time to say goodnight.

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