Worthy Brewing, Bend, Oegon

Our first fresh-hopped brew of the 2015 season!

We enjoy fresh hop season when we’re in Bend and look forward to sampling all the new & fresh beer brewed each year. The first for us this year was part of the Heart and Soul Series at Worthy Brewing.

Worthy Brewing 495 NE Bellevue Dr, Bend, OR

In Central Oregon's city of Bend, you'll find Worthy Brewing—a company known for its exceptional craft beer and unwavering dedication to the environment.

Roger Worthington, an environmentalist and beer lover, founded Worthy Brewing with a mission to prioritize sustainability. Today, it has become a symbol of eco-friendliness in the area. The company's campus features a cutting-edge brewery, a farm, and a unique Hopservatory that all showcase its sustainable practices and commitment to educating others about the environment.

Planting Trees for a Greener Oregon

One of Worthy Brewing's most significant environmental initiatives is "Operation Appleseed." This program aims to plant one million trees throughout Oregon—an ambitious project that began in 2020. So far, it has partnered with various organizations to restore wildfire-affected areas and promote forest health.

Sustainable Practices in Action

Worthy Brewing goes beyond tree planting—it has implemented several other sustainable practices on its campus:

  • On-site farm and gardens: Visitors can explore sustainable gardening methods here.
  • Hopservatory: This unique space focuses on preserving the region's dark skies—an essential part of environmental conservation.

Leading by Example

Worthy Brewing doesn't just talk the talk—it walks the walk when it comes to sustainability:

  • Water conservation technologies: The brewery has invested in innovative solutions to reduce water usage.
  • Recycling programs: It actively promotes recycling and waste reduction among staff and visitors.
  • Renewable energy sources: Worthy Brewing harnesses clean energy options to power its operations.

Inspiring Others for a Brighter Future

Roger Worthington, the founder of Worthy Brewing, believes that being environmentally responsible is not only necessary but also presents an opportunity for positive change:

"At Worthy Brewing, we see environmental stewardship as more than just a duty. It's a chance to make our community and the planet better. Through our various projects, we hope to motivate others to join us in creating a greener and more sustainable world."

A Role Model for Sustainable Business

As Bend continues to develop, Worthy Brewing sets an excellent example of how companies can succeed economically while prioritizing the environment:

  • By combining their love for craft beer with a strong commitment to sustainability, Worthy Brewing has become a respected figure in the local community.
  • It serves as a source of inspiration for those who believe in the power of environmental protection.

Worthy Brewing's story reminds us that businesses have the potential to be forces of positive change. With their innovative practices and dedication to preserving the planet, they pave the way for a brighter future.

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