Sutton USFS Campground, Oregon

Above Photo: Dunes as seen from a trail just outside the campground.

postcard Traveled a whopping eight miles today. We found a campground with a mixture of deciduous & mixed conifer trees, along with moss, ferns & dense bushes surrounded by dunes. Nice!

Sutton Campground - Forest Service Campground, neaR Florence, Oregon: Site #B24 (77 RV sites total) - This site has: electric hookup. Campground Notes: flush toilets • ocean/river access • trails from campground • trails nearby • 44’ elevation. November 7th - 11th. Miles traveled: 8.

• Large sites.
• Some sites have electrical hookups.
• Nice balance between reservable & non-reservable.
• No dump station.

Backyard of the Day Mooch MAC. Mooch-Approved-Campsite.

Breakfast this morning: Sandwich with Chanterelles foraged on our walk yesterday sautéed in butter with avocado and the last of the arugula from our home garden. A meandering bridge through the Darlingtonia California bog, located on the other side of Hwy 101. Darlingtonia californica, a carnivorous plant, is native to Northern California and Oregon growing in bogs and seeps with cold running water. Matsutake mushrooms found near the campground. On our hike, we found a few choice matsutake mushrooms. This evening we sliced them up and grilled them on our Weber Little Smokey along with a couple of burgers. Yum! It’s now campfire time.

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Local Flavor – Area Businesses We Enjoyed & Recommend
Yachats Brewing Yachats, OR

Yachats, OR

The Yachats area is one of our favorite spots on the Oregon coast. Whenever we in the vicinity, we make a point on visiting. It's about a thirty-minute drive from the Sutton campground, which makes it a nice side trip.

trail marker A weathered trail maker in town.

selfie at yachats brewing We hooked up with a couple of RV friends at Yachats Brewing — they’re camping up the coast from us & the brewery was the logical halfway point. We first met them in the fall of 2013 at Klipchuck Campground just east of North Cascade NP.

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