St Clair Winery, New Mexico (2015)

Our second visit to St Clair Winery via Friendly folks here, along with good wine!


Over night parking (no hook ups) at St Clair Winery. Participating member of, must have an active Harvest Hosts membership for an overnight visit. 4250 ft elevation. February 13th - 15th.

Overall Experience: smile

What a perfect place to land for Valentine's Day. The festively decorated tasting room had yummy snacks available, along with a discount on glasses of wine. A nice touch is that we are spending the night, so it's a short walk to our coach.

St Clair Winery 1325 De Baca Road, Deming, NM

In southern New Mexico, the town of Deming is a special place with its beautiful nature, fascinating history, and thriving local wine scene. One of the best things about visiting Deming is getting to stay at St Clair Winery, a Harvest Host location that warmly welcomes RV travelers.

St Clair Winery: A Haven for RV Enthusiasts

St Clair Winery is located just 5 miles south of Interstate 10 and has become a popular spot for RV enthusiasts exploring the area. As a Harvest Host site, the winery offers free overnight parking for self-contained RVs, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the peaceful surroundings and try out the amazing wines made right there.

The winery has large, well-kept grounds that are perfect for a quiet night's rest. You can admire the stunning mountains in the distance, take a leisurely walk through the vineyards, or simply unwind and enjoy the calm atmosphere. Many RV travelers have praised the winery for its friendliness, mentioning how spacious it is and how nice it is to meet other wine lovers there.

Discovering Deming: History, Nature, and More

There's plenty more to see and do in Deming besides the winery. The town has a lot of history, which you can see in its preserved historic district with its charming adobe buildings, cute shops, and local restaurants. If you love being outdoors, you can visit Rockhound State Park nearby where you can hunt for interesting minerals and fossils or go hiking on the beautiful trails that go through the rugged landscape.

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