Sonoita Vineyards, Elgin, Arizona

Top Photo: You just can't beat those Arizona sunsets.

"A great Harvest Hosts stop at Sonoita Vineyards. We had a very peaceful night perched up behind the winery with incredible views."


Overnight Parking (no hook ups) at the winery. Participating member of, must have an active Harvest Hosts membership for an overnight visit. 5000 ft elevation. Apr 11th.

Overall Experience: smile

We had a wonderful visit at Sonoita Vineyards just outside Elgin, AZ. We had been camping at Patagonia Lake State Park, so it was a short drive from the park. We arrived early in the afternoon on Friday, and the tasting room was already buzzing. After getting our RV positioned (with an incredible view) in the field behind the winery, we went down to the tasting room to sample their wines. In the process, we got to meet the winemaker. After the round of tastings, we purchased a bottle of Sonora Rossa (a blend of French Colombard & Cabernet Sauvignon) to enjoy on their patio. It was the perfect wine to share on a warm afternoon while enjoying the rolling grasslands and mountains as a backdrop. The folks here were amiable, and we would visit again. And then we get to walk home -- our RV is parked on the hill behind the winery, thanks to Life is good!

Sonoita Vineyards

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