On the Road Again – Trip Overview

After 8,116.4 miles and two & a half months on the road, we are home once again.

Two days earlier than originally planned — the smoke & triple digit heat got to us at the last stop. Throughout the trip we traveled mostly on secondary roads with very little interstate highway (sometimes there just wasn’t any other realistic option). We got to experience so many new places, meet interesting folks & have some quality family time at our turn around point in Portland, ME. And along the way we coined a new term — “Mooch Approved”. If we were to do this distance again in an RV, we would set aside 4-6 months — on this trip we had too many one night stops.

Trip Stats

  • 14 - Harvest Hosts locations
  • 05 - Boondockers Welcome locations
  • 05 - State Parks
  • 03 - Forest Service Campgrounds
  • 01 - City Park Campground
  • 01 - National Park Campground
  • 01 - Commercial RV Park
  • 01 - Army Corp of Engineers Campground
  • 01- Family Lake Property
  • 02- Reservations Made
  • 07 - Used electric hookups
  • 01 - Rode our bikes (but they made a good drying rake for towels etc.)
  • 0 - Used our generator
  • 0 - Watched TV
  • 27 - Gas stops (averaged 14.85 MPG)

⚠️ All Harvest Hosts & Boondockers Welcome overnight visits require annual memberships.

Turn around point selfie with Mooch.

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