Le Fleurs Bluff State Park, Mississippi

A slight detour off the Natchez Trace for a layover a Le Fleurs Bluff State Park. We will return to the Trace Sunday morning.


Le Fleurs Bluff State Park: Site #3, this site has water & electric hookups, dump station available, 30 sites, 261 foot elevation. May 8th - 10th. Overall Experience: smile

Our campsite visitors.

LeFleur's Bluff State Park is a beautiful urban oasis located in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi. It spans 305 acres and offers a wide range of activities and natural beauty for visitors to enjoy.

Recreation Options

  • The park features a 50-acre lake called Mayes Lake, perfect for fishing and boating.
  • There are also numerous hiking trails that meander through forests and along the lake's edge.
  • For those seeking relaxation, picnic spots and a public nine-hole golf course are available.


LeFleur's Bluff is home to two well-known museums:

  • The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
  • The Mississippi Children's Museum

These educational institutions provide interactive exhibits and programs suitable for all ages.

Camping Opportunities

Camping is a popular activity at LeFleur's Bluff, with campsites conveniently located near the lake. This allows campers to enjoy both the tranquility of nature and breathtaking water views.

LeFleur's Bluff State Park is an exceptional destination within Jackson, offering a peaceful retreat from city life. Its diverse range of recreational options and natural wonders make it a must-see location for anyone exploring Mississippi.

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