Craft Beer on the Enchanted Circle, New Mexico

Breweries & Brewpubs on the Enchanted Circle.

The Enchanted Circle is a scenic auto touring loop in northern New Mexico that goes through Taos, Questa, Red River, Eagle Nest, & Angel Fire. The whole loop is approximately 100 miles and circles Wheeler Peak, the highest point in New Mexico. We usually drive and enjoy sightseeing on the loop when we're in the area.

What many people don't know is that there are five brewpubs & breweries located on the circle. Unfortunately, there isn't one yet in Red River or Questa, so the circle's top is a little lopsided. Just the same, all are worth a visit.

Comanche Creek Brewing Found this unique brewery & tasting porch just outside Eagle Nest, NM. It's located in the old blacksmith's shop on a ranch 1 1/2 miles down a narrow dirt road. Well worth a visit.

Taos Mesa Brewing, El Prado, NM We discovered this brewpub about six years ago, just after their grand opening, and it's been our fave since. Good beer, good food, and occasional live music. Lots of locals.

The Burger Stand at Taos Ale House, Taos, NM *Our newest find in Taos. They brew small-batch beers, but on our visit, they were sold out. They have a good selection of NM craft beer & a nice choice of burgers & sandwiches.*

Eskes Brew Pub, Taos, NM Eske's was the first brewpub in Taos. Early on & even today, they are known for their green chile beer & vegetarian green chile stew. We always try to stop by when in the area.

Enchanted Circle Brewing, Angel Fire, NM This is the newest brewpub on the Enchanted Circle. The beers we sampled were decent, the staff friendly, but some work needs to be done with the food. Still worth the visit.

We did not visit all the brewpubs or brewers on a single trip around Enchanted Circle, nor do we recommend doing so (unless you have a designated driver).

Craft Beer Exploration on the Enchanted Circle in Northern New Mexico
In the mountain landscapes of northern New Mexico lies the Enchanted Circle, a scenic byway that winds through some of the state's most picturesque towns and natural wonders. Along this route, craft beer enthusiasts will find a growing number of microbreweries and taprooms offering unique, locally-inspired brews.

Enchanted Circle Brewing: Where Innovation Meets Nature
One of the standout destinations on the Enchanted Circle is Enchanted Circle Brewing, located in the town of Angel Fire. Established in 2015, this production brewery distributes its beers throughout New Mexico, with a 75-seat tasting room that allows visitors to sample the lineup. The brewery is known for playing with both food and beer, creating innovative offerings like their "Wet-N-Wild Harvest Ale" which features foraged hops from the local canyons and trails.

Red River Brewing Company: A Family-Owned Gem
Further north along the Enchanted Circle, the town of Red River is home to Red River Brewing Company, a family-owned operation that opened in 2018. The Calhoun family's dream of opening a brewery has come to life, with a focus on crafting approachable, easy-drinking beers in a welcoming taproom setting.

Comanche Creek Brewing: Where History Meets Beer
Craft beer enthusiasts will also want to check out Comanche Creek Brewing, located just outside the town of Eagle Nest. This unique brewery is housed in an old blacksmith's shop, offering a rustic, charming atmosphere to enjoy their selection of brews.

More Breweries to Explore
Beyond these standout breweries, the Enchanted Circle region boasts a growing number of other craft beer destinations:

  • Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership in Taos
  • Comanche Creek Brewing taproom

With the stunning mountain landscapes as a backdrop, the Enchanted Circle has become a must-visit destination for craft beer lovers exploring northern New Mexico.

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