Big Picture - Spring Trip 2018

We traveled 1,802 miles over a period of almost seven weeks (it turns out that we were only one day short of seven). During this period, we had thirteen stopovers.

On the final leg of our trip, from Goose Lake to Bend, we drove 194 miles (tap on mileage to see route & elevation change).

As usual, we did not have enough bandwidth to upload all the pics we wanted, but we managed to keep our stopovers documented. We plan to add additional photos over time.

From Bend, we traveled in a clockwise direction, dropping down through Nevada, and after visiting Death Valley National Park, returning up the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

Our trip did have a few ups & downs. The highest stop was at 7,800 ft & the lowest at 1,790 ft with an average of 5,309 ft.

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