Longsword Vineyard near Jacksonville, Oregon

Besides the good wines we sampled in the tasting room, we enjoyed watching the sheep, geese, chickens wandering around the grounds.


Overnight Parking (no hook ups) at Longsword Vineyard. Participating vineyard of HarvestHosts.com, must have an active Harvest Hosts membership for an overnight visit, 1457 ft elevation. November 12th - 13th.

Overall Experience: smile

Located just 15 minutes from the charming town of Jacksonville, Oregon, Longsword Vineyard is a family-owned winery nestled in the beautiful Applegate Valley. Established in the early 2000s by vintner John Smith, this vineyard is a hidden gem in Oregon's thriving wine country.

A Passion for Exceptional Wines

John Smith has dedicated his life to creating exceptional wines that showcase the unique characteristics of the Applegate Valley terroir. With a team of experienced viticulturists, he carefully tends to the ten acres of mature Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines that make up Longsword Vineyard.

Unforgettable Wine Tasting Experience

One of the highlights of visiting Longsword Vineyard is the opportunity to enjoy their picturesque tasting room. Offering panoramic views of the surrounding vineyards and the distant Siskiyou Mountains, it's the perfect setting to savor their diverse selection of wines.

  • Crisp and fruit-forward Chardonnays
  • Elegant Pinot Noirs
  • A variety of other unique wines

The tasting room is open to the public daily from May to October, providing ample chances for wine enthusiasts to explore Longsword Vineyard's offerings.

Welcoming Atmosphere and Outdoor Delights

Beyond its excellent wines, Longsword Vineyard is also known for its warm hospitality and inviting ambiance. Their picnic area, complete with shaded tables and breathtaking vistas, offers an ideal setting for leisurely gatherings with loved ones.

If you're interested in learning more about winemaking, the on-site tasting room provides a cozy space where you can engage with their knowledgeable staff and discover fascinating insights into their craft.

Guided Tours and Educational Experiences

For those seeking a deeper understanding of Longsword Vineyard's winemaking process, they offer guided tours and tastings led by the winemaker himself. These immersive experiences allow visitors to go behind the scenes and learn about everything from vineyard management to fermentation and aging techniques.

Commitment to Sustainability

Longsword Vineyard is proud to prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship in their operations. They implement various eco-friendly practices, including:

  • Harnessing solar power
  • Employing water conservation methods
  • Practicing organic farming

By doing so, they strive to create high-quality wines that are both delicious and environmentally conscious.

Community Events at Longsword Vineyard In addition to their regular winery activities, Longsword Vineyard also plays a role in bringing the community together. They serve as the host venue for the popular Applegate Evening Market, a weekly gathering featuring local artisans, food vendors, and live music performances.

Whether you're a wine enthusiast looking for a new tasting adventure or someone seeking a scenic destination to unwind, Longsword Vineyard offers an unforgettable experience that combines great wines with natural beauty and warm hospitality.

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