Truck Mods

The above photo was shot near Todd Lake on a day outing just before the closing of Cascade Lake Highway for the winter.

This fall we purchased a new 2020 Ford F-150 that we plan to use as a tow vehicle for our new Escape 5.0, scheduled for a mid-March completion. We added a BAK Revolver Tonneau Cover. The cover is roll up aluminum and a vinyl cover, which should be quite secure. Also, a seven-pole connector has been added to the truck bed (see below). Still pending is the installation of our Anderson Hitch and B&M Bed Rails. We'll update this page with descriptions and photos of the install process.

Since the hitch is a gooseneck ball style, safety chains are required in some states. We ordered a set of Anderson chains that are designed for their hitch mid-November from an Amazon Marketplace vendor. Once we received our order, we realized that essential parts were missing. After contacting Amazon & the vendor many times and receiving reassurance that the missing parts would be shipped, the issue is still unresolved. Beware of doing business with Amazon Marketplace vendor Cardinal Motorsport!

Rob't placed the hitch and rails in the truck bed at the correct distance from the rear, so we could visualize how it will fit and what room is still available for other stuff. The rolled up tonneau cover can be seen in the photo.

December 2

Our truck has a 7-pole connector on the bumper, but for our new 5th wheel, we also wanted to have a connector in the truck's bed. Luckily this isn't too difficult thanks to the Curt 5th Wheel/Gooseneck Custom Wiring Harness. A 2 1/8 inch hole needs is cut in the side of the bed, and then a harness is fed through the hole, which then hooks with the existing 7-pole connector. But there was one obstacle. Previously, Rob't installed BuiltRight's Bedside Rack System. So initially, he removed the back section of the rack and installed the 7-pole connector. Then Rob’t lined up the BuiltRight rack with the 7-pole, deciding which area need to be cut out with a Dremel so he could attach the connector. This part of the process involved a little jury-rigging, but we were pleased with the results.

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