Rainy Day Walk

Interesting walk today from our campsite. Broke out the rain gear to hike the trails from the campground at Cape Blanco State Park. Our site is in the trees. About 100-150 feet down the hill is a picnic table overlooking the ocean. In this area, you would hardly know the wind was blowing. On a bluff about 100 yards further down the trail, the wind was about 45 mph, and the rain was sideways. Then you could take a few steps back into the trees, and you could hardly feel the wind. This was the case in several places as we made our way. It is amazing how dense the trees are and how dark it gets in some areas.

While walking the trails, we saw quite of few rough-skinned newts. We had to be careful not to step on them as they didn't move very fast. They have very bright orange underside but aren't very cooperative when trying to photograph their bottom side. Their skin glands produce toxins that are particularly potent if eaten.

The real treat was that we saw a whale. We think his name was Moby ;-)

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