Beach Walk

I had a thought-provoking incident during my early morning coffee walk on the beach. A couple was illegally walking their three dogs off leash. Their large brown dog charged, and I was sure my leg was going to have a close encounter with a set of teeth, but instead he nipped at the sandals in hand. Trust me, thirty years of delivering mail made me very aware of when I might be in trouble with a dog.

I yelled only once “your dogs need to be on a leash.” Next thing I know is the guy was inches from my face screaming “do you have a problem with my dogs & wife?” (note he mentioned the dogs first). He continually called me an “asshole” preceded with an assortment of profanity which changed with every use of the word “asshole.” He had a look of rage in his eyes, which was quite scary. I knew to keep my mouth shut (a hard thing for me) because anything I might say might result in a punch to the face. I did point out when he screamed that I was the same asshole (preceded by profanity) that caused trouble for him six months ago in Port A, that I was on the west coast at that time. His reply was “you’re still an asshole” and backed off.

My question is why has violence become an accepted course of action in this country, especially when the person is completely in the wrong. A simple “I’m sorry” seems to make more sense.

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