Little Free Mobile Library

We were inspired to build our Little Free Library after viewing a news story about these libraries. As we thought about it, we realized there's a need for little libraries in the campgrounds we visit. As a result, our mobile version was born, and we believe that it is the first of its kind. We hope this concept will catch on among the RV crowd, and other mobile libraries will pop up.

  • Update May 2016: Our library has found a new home with a fixed location and will no longer travel. It was adopted by Diana's nephew and moved to Arlington, TX. We did enjoy our time on the road with it, but it was time for a change. As for our extra books, we drove around our old neighborhood until we found a Little Free Library and left them in their new home.
  • Update April 2015: For the last fourteen months, our library has traveled with us in our new coach and we enjoyed sharing its books with folks. However, we decided that it will move into our storage room for at least the next year. Hopefully, it will travel with us again in the future.
  • Update January 2014: Our Mobile Library will once again hit the road! We decided that with our new motor coach we will have additional space to carry the library as we travel.
  • Update from our 2013 Trip: With the completion of our summer/fall 2013 road trip, our Mobile Little Free Library is retiring from traveling. We are currently looking for a permanent home the library.
  • Update from our 2012 Summer Trip: See Mobile Free Library Revisited.